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Date Added: June 09, 2017 02:15:31 AM
Author: Joeann Massey
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The Tupolev Tu-134 Russian airliner crashed in the country's Republic of Karelia has killed at least forty-four people and left eight injured on late Monday evening. The RusAir aircraft was traveling from Moscow to Petrozavodsk when it encountered with the terrible accident. The aircraft carried nine crew-members and 43 passengers on board. Russian authorities are currently searching for the bodies and investigating the crash; however, some early conclusion states that the reason may blame for "unfavorable weather conditions", according to 22 Aaron Colvin Jersey the airport director Alexei Kuzmitsky. Reportedly, the Tupolev 134 plane had the accident on a motorway about 1 km from the runway outside the northern city of Petrozavodsk and 430 miles north-west of Moscow. A witness described the situation as Everything was on fire. In fact, the plane landed a mile short of the runway, broke apart and then burst into flames in heavy fog. 44 people were killed immediately; eight survivors were taken to the hospital among them a 10-year-old boy and a female flight attendant are in 14 Cody Latimer Jersey serious condition. The plane, which was traveling from the capital Moscow to Petrozavodsk in the republic of Karelia, attempted to land at 1km from the runway but crashed. The crash killed 44 people and injured eight people on board. Flame is rising from the wreckage into the night sky right after the crash. A victim of plane crash is being moved to a hospital in Petrozavodsk. Authorities said cheap chinese jerseys nhl that all survivors were in critical condition. There is no proper explanations for the crash yet. Reports say that the most reason is thick fog and heavy rain A staff at the Russian emergency services walks at the site of plane crash The Tu-134 plane belongs to the RusAir airline. In the picture is wreckage of this plane on a high way provided by Russia Emergency Situations Ministry press service. Russian Plane Crash Left 44 Dead Related links: Tu-154 Airplane Broken during Landing Crash at Domodedovo Airport Miraculous child survivors in aircrashes Mike Newman survives after airshow crash You may also like: Outlet 73 Zach Fulton Jersey 48 Beau Brinkley Jersey