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Illuminated Couture And Best To Glow

Date Added: June 07, 2017 05:17:26 PM
Author: Gilbert Shirk
Category: Health

A Luxury Couture Illuminate Clothing Company Made in Las Vegas NV by talented and passionate artists. Our Story Illuminated Couture LLC, was started January of 2014 by Lead Artist and Designer Ronnie Brust. Ronnie would be a passionate amateur costume designer having a knack for designing stuff that lit up illuminate. The Glowing Pocket Square (GPS) idea sat shelved for almost 2 years until he was fired from the bartender job and forced to consider some quick income. Making 20 of those GWhat started out as a single concept of a Pocket Square eventually leading to the entire product line of high-end Glowing LED products and wearable items. Best to Glow Story - As the brand grew the decission was taken that for marketing purposes Good To Glow was simpler to remember, spell coupled with less characters to type. January of 2016 Best to Glow premiered for that products while Illuminated Couture is still the custom and different concepts. When people ask, "where did you get that?" Just let them know that you’re Best to Glow! There isn't any idea too crazy for our team of in-house artists, engineers, and designers to manifest into reality. Learn more about our process, see past projects or get the order LEDclothing started. Take a look at our custom orders page Need something NOW? Take a look at our shoplowing Pocket Squares, Ronnie visited the neighborhood art fair and hang up a tiny table in the corner of his friend's booth. By no more the night time, he'd sold all 20, even though walking with the D Casino after he was approached by management as they inquired about this new glowing product. This conversation turned into an order for 200 units later that week, and that is how Illuminated Couture started.